A suspect has been charged with the attempted murder of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, the country’s interior minister has said.

He did not name the alleged assailant, but Slovak reports have widely identified the perpetrator as a 71-year-old from the town of Levice.

Reports say he could face up to life in prison.

Doctors said Mr Fico, 59, was in a serious but stable condition after being shot several times in a politically motivated attack.

Interior Minister Matus Sutaj Estok told a press conference on Thursday that the suspect had acted alone and that he had previously taken part in anti-government protests.

Shot five times at close range
It was in broad daylight on Wednesday that Mr Fico, surrounded by a crowd of supporters, was shot.

The gunman fired five times at close range, hitting the prime minister in the stomach and arm.

The attack took Mr Fico’s security detail completely by surprise. Footage showed several officers bundling the wounded PM into a car, before driving away at high speed, while the others detained the suspect.

Mr Fico was rushed to a nearby hospital in an air ambulance, with injuries described as life-threatening.

He was then transferred to another hospital in Banska Bystrica, east of Handlova, where surgeons and trauma teams worked through the night to stabilise him.

On Thursday, the hospital director told a press conference that Mr Fico’s condition was stable, but “truly very serious”, and he had been moved to an intensive care unit.

May 16, 2024

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