The federal government is set to launch national policies and guidelines on organ transplants, following reports of unethical practices in organ donation and transplantation in the country.
This is as the Transplant Association of Nigeria (TAN) urged the federal government to address organ transplant tourism by investing in the local subsector.

Despite having a sufficient number of medical experts in the field, Nigeria faces significant challenges due to inadequate infrastructure and equipment, with 15 kidney, two bone marrow, and two corneal transplant centers, with more than half of these centers not operational.

The coordinating minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Ali Pate, on Saturday during the Living Kidney Donor Day event organized by Nisa Medical Group in Abuja revealed that new national guidelines on organ transplants will soon be introduced while expressing concerns about the increasing cases of kidney problems and unethical practices in organ transplants in the country.

Represented by Kamil Shoretire, Head of the Trauma and Emergency Disaster Response Division at the Department of Hospital Services, the minister highlighted the urgency of national guidelines, noting the alarm raised in 2019 about two new leading causes of kidney disease among Nigerians.

According to the minister, with the rising cases of infractions in the transplant, Nigeria cannot afford to be complacent over the issue, saying,
“The number of patients affected by chronic kidney disease has also been increasingly affecting an estimated 843.6 million individuals worldwide as of 2017.

May 19, 2024

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