The Director General of the Nigeria Army Resource Centre, Major General Garba Wahab (retd), has urged the judiciary to expedite judgement on terrorists.

There have been reports that over 50,000 Boko Haram suspects have been arrested by the Nigerian Army and other security agencies but only about 300 have been prosecuted.

Wahab spoke during a two-day round table discussion in Abuja on ‘Asymmetrical National Security Challenges, the Army, and National Development’.

According to him, the judiciary must perform its sacred role of punishing terrorists to deter impunity.

He observed that one of the ways to curb insecurity was for the judiciary to be alive to its responsibilities.

He noted, “It is regrettable that in a Nigerian court, it will take 20 years for a case to be adjudicated upon and persons who have commited clear and glaring offences get just punishment.

“That’s what is happening. A former president mentioned it saying ‘it takes 10 years for a simple case of stealing to be decided in Nigeria.’”

Wahab advised that local governments should be allowed to function.

He asked those in government to find a way of ensuring that the judiciary and the local government were allowed to function well.

June 23, 2024

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