Sen. Ned Nwoko, has advised the Federal Government and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) against measures capable of artificially forcing the Naira to gain value against other currencies.

Nwoko, who represents Delta North, gave the advice in a statement he personally signed in Abuja on Saturday.

He advised them to concentrate on tackling the main issues responsible for the Naira depreciation, saying there was no short-cut to success.
He said the quest for economic freedom and the strength of the nation’s currency was an ongoing journey.

Nwoko also said the continuous revisit to previously implemented policies and considerations of new ones were imperative.

He also said the value of a sovereign nation’s currency was the cornerstone of respect and collaboration among nations, while reiterating that Nigeria must stimulate Naira demand.

According to him, as a nation that exports crude oil and other commodities globally, it is imperative that all transaction on these items be conducted exclusively in Naira.

“This will incentivise buyers to seek out Naira, thereby driving its appreciation due to increased demand and scarcity.

April 27, 2024

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