The Kano State Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission said on Tuesday that it had unsealed the 10 warehouses sealed last week for alleged hoarding of foodstuffs.

The chairman of the commission, Muhyi Magaji, made it known to newsmen that the owners of the warehouses had shown up and they were directed to open and sell to the public.

Magaji said, as a result, Kano had begun to witness a drop in the prices of foodstuffs.

He said, “The action taken by the commission has forced the dealers to bring the commodities to markets as well as reduce their prices”.

According to Muhuyi, the operation made a significant impact towards checking the increase in the prices of grains and other essential commodities in the state.

He dismissed the claim by the Management of Dawanau International Grains Market that they were not hoarding foodstuff in order to create artificial scarcity.

February 21, 2024

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