The Israel head of military intelligence, Maj-Gen. Aharon Haliva has resigned.

He said he was taking responsibility for the mistakes that allowed the militant Palestinian Hamas and other groups to attack Israel on October 7.
Since the start of the Gaza war more than six months ago, there has been an increase in attacks in Israel.

Referring to the Israel Defence Force’s (IDF) inability to prevent the attacks, Haliva wrote in a letter that the intelligence department had failed to fulfil the task entrusted to it.

Haliva said shortly afterwards that he bore responsibility for the mistakes that led to the terrorist attack.

To clear up these mistakes, he also called for the institution of a state committee of enquiry, Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant agreed to the request for his resignation.

According to military sources, he will leave the army when a successor is found.

Haliva’s move could also increase the pressure on Israel’s government to address its own mistakes.

Many Israelis accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of not having admitted any personal responsibility for the political and military failures on Oct. 7.

However, Netanyahu, who has been the subject of a corruption trial for some time, did not want to initiate an investigation until after the end of the Gaza war.

April 22, 2024

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