The Australian government on Friday said it will set up an inquiry into the influence of social media in the country.
Michelle Rowland, the minister for communications, Stephen Jones, assistant Treasurer and minister for financial services, said they plan to establish a joint parliamentary committee to examine and report on the impacts of social media in Australia.

The government expects the new committee to conduct inquiries into the spread of illegal and harmful content on social media, how algorithms influence what Australians see and the impacts of that content on mental health and the decision by Meta to stop paying Australian media companies for news content.

The committee will have the power to compel witnesses, including social media company executives, to attend hearings.

Rowland said that the committee would hold social media companies more accountable and transparent.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, in March said it would stop paying Australian publishers for news after current deals under the news media bargaining code expires later in 2024.

May 10, 2024

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